What Can Happen if You Deal With a Fence Installation Yourself?

Why Do You Have to Call a Proficient Local Fence Contractor? 

The way your fence is installed and maintained has a direct impact on its curb appeal. Whether you have chosen to have wood, vinyl, or iron fencing, the installation and upkeep require a dexterous hand. However, many homeowners decide that hiring a good local fence contractor is not necessary and begin to install it on their own only to find out it is not that easy. What mistakes can you encounter if you attempt DIY installation?

  • Not checking the local codes; This is a real threat that can lead to demolition. You should know that not all types of fences are allowed in all the areas. There are height limitations and boundary requirements. If you do not follow the local regulations, you risk building something that is not allowed by the local Authorities meaning money and effort in vain.

  • Poor planning; Any inexperienced person who has never installed a fence in his life faces that threat. Poor planning means not taking accurate measurements of the length and height or not looking at the property blueprint. You definitely don’t want to put your first line of defense on your neighbor’s property or on public land, this will only add a burden to your budget because you will have to move it.

  • Not calling the utility companies before you start digging; Skipping that step is the worst possible scenario. Most fence posts need at least one-third of its height in the ground which means at least 30 inches. If you don’t know where and what depth the utility lines are, you risk hitting any pipes or wires underground.

  • Improper installation; If you have never done this in your before, hiring a qualified fence contractor is the best you can do. If you don’t dig them deep enough, some of the boards and posts can collapse during the first storm. If you go too deep, you can have a fence that is not high enough.

To be on the safe side, you can hire San Gabriel Fence Company to get the job done right. You can engage our experts in any installation and repair projects. We are in Georgetown, TX and expecting your phone calls at (512) 422-4077.

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