Not Sure if You Should Repair or Replace?

Backyard Fence Repair or Replacement?

Very much like their owners, fences will eventually weather and age over time. And while we are not outside 24/7, our fences are. Meaning they are open to the likes of wind, snow, ice, rain, sun and soil shifting. So if you are trying to decide whether to replace or do backyard fence repair, carry on reading the blog of San Gabriel Fence Company for more help and information.

  1. How old is your fence? When your fence is over 5 years old, you need to start doing a quick inspection every 6 months. Give the likes of posts and panels a quick tug to see how well they are holding up, and if they are starting to shift or lean?
  2. Are any of the boards warped or splintering? Should the answer be yes, you need to mark them so you know they need repairing.
  3. Are the bottom of your panels starting to rot due to insects or moisture? A little deterioration is acceptable; however, too much is not.
  4. Are your panels starting to pull away from the posts? As wood starts to deteriorate, the nails will begin to loosen within the board or posts, which results in the panels starting to lean and fail eventually.
  5. Are your posts starting to rot or loosen in the ground? This is a sign that they will either need replacing or resetting. When the post is salvageable, then simply reset it, however, it does have to be in good condition. When it is starting to show splintering, then simply replace it.

When evaluating your fence, look at the structure as a whole. When more than 25% of the fence needs repairing, then you should consider replacing it entirely. Fences, unfortunately, do have lifespans, and should yours be old, the time has come to replace it.

If you think you can get away with backyard fence repair in Georgetown, TX, then call us at (512) 256-1754 today to set up a site visit and evaluation.

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2 thoughts on “Not Sure if You Should Repair or Replace?”

  1. It’s good to know that you should be doing inspections every 6 months if the fence is over 5 years old. I want to install a new vinyl fence this summer since my current one is starting to rot away. I’ll be sure to ask these questions to potential fence contractors before making a final decision.

  2. I see a lot of fences, whose lives could be extended by simply replacing posts, or figuring out a way to better secure the rail connections at posts. There are other fences that should have been replaced years ago. Fences are expensive to replace, and are usually a low priority on a homeowner’s wish list. The time to replace is when it becomes more of a liability to not do it (the dogs are getting out), before the house it put up for sale (particularly if it will help sell the house and pay for itself), and last when money is not a problem and a new fresh look is desired.

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